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Archive for June, 2013

Jun 102013Shopped a Tudor Castle today! thank you O.S.!

Shopped a Tudor Castle today with almost 6000 square feet, bright RED carpet all through the house with huge chandeliers with red glass….owner is a very lively 80 something…..just wanted to give you a little background on what a shopping appointment can be like…..and YES, I bought a van full of interesting junk!!

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Jun 92013Sunday singin at JunkerVals! Sing for your junk, Baby!


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Jun 82013‘Singin Sunday’ at junkerval.com!

Tomorrow is ‘Singin Sunday’ at junkerval.com! All my life I wished I could sing…but I can’t…so tomorrow, SINGING SUNDAY, June 9th, if you SING a verse (at least 4 lines) from ANY song, I will give you a FREE piece of JUNK!

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Jun 82013Junk King or Junk Jerk?!

In my shop, if you want to be treated like a JUNK KING… then treat me like a Human Being, who has paid her dues with hard workin brutal years in this tough business with no one giving me Anything……. otherwise, you’re Just a Junk Jerk.

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Jun 82013Flyin Junk Today! Yippee hahhaa!

Flyin Junk Today Saturday 10am-7pm at JunkerVals! 3458 Bluebonnet Circle, Fort Worth 76109, OPEN EVERY Fri. & Sat. 10am-7pm & Sun. 1-5pm!

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Jun 72013OPEN Friday, 10am-7pm

Great Antiques & Good Junk! OPEN¬† Friday, 10am-7pm!! Always Buying ! JunkerVal’s Antiques, Vintage Junk & Jewelry, 3458 Bluebonnet Circle, Fort Worth, 76109. Yippee!

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Jun 62013The Nudie Suit is SOLD to the Heart of Texas Country Music Museum in Brady Texas! Yippee!!

Yippie! ANYthing is Possible in the World Of Junk!! 

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