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an incredible Letter from Rodric, an Antique Dealer in Montana!!

From Rod (an Antique Dealer in Montana!) Hey Val! Just wanted to let you know that JunkerVal continues to inspire me! I remember your comment about promoting the antique mall that you are in, and I helped promote and worked our annual holiday party & sale last Friday… and it came out great! The biggest and best one ever! Plus I think the other dealers and the owners appreciated my enthusiasm, which really came from you! LOL YAY! Rod in Montana

(me) oh Rod, you cannot understand how much this means to me!! I have been down all day…feelin like an ol’junkLoser! May I copy & paste this on my pages & use it has a reference in a new venture with junk I am contemplating….dang !thank you so much for being my cheerleader today! just goes to prove how we need to let people know when they are doing a good job or help us!

(Rod) sure! whenever I get bummed overthinking my stuff, and grumpy about dealers, prices, discounts and all… I love your enthusiasm for it! one thing I thought of was that over at Mom’s bookstore she had a bunch of supermarket-type shopping baskets (it is just across main st from the antique mall) and I brought some over to use at the mall event… and they were a HIT! people grabbed and bought more with a basket in their hand! You ROCK, lady!

Wow! this is wonderful!! Rodric knows more about Antiques than I ever will!

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