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At the Funny Farm with Critters!

junkerval's Treasure

Little Pearl & Kitty the Junkyard Dog! 003

Fun acting crazyFunny Farm Critter! with our Critters on the Funny Farm. CLICK on the Title for Photos!

Pearl's Brother! See the Cat in the Box, Kitty the Junkyard Dog, & two new little nutcases that fit right in! amazon cloud . Hebrew to English

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4 Responses to “At the Funny Farm with Critters!”

How precious. You are a jewel!

Judy Huebener

The gray kitty is so sweet. I have 2 yellow tabbies too, one of which has been selected to be in a 2010 calendar.

You have to show me your calender!

Thank you Pam. That is high praise! I consider your taste to very fine! LOL!