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The Funnie Farm

Sep 22009Tell Me what you Collect!Click Here!

Let me know what you collect! When I find it, I will contact you. A junker’s life is an adventure, cause We’re Always Looking for that Special Treasure!!

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Aug 212009See this Estate with Me! Click Here to See Photos!

Collectors’s Estate Sale, Unusual Circumstances! VERY Full Estate! WE need to make an appointment to see all this Great Stuff for Sale!    Fort Worth, Texas 76107 places of visit .

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Aug 122009At the Funny Farm with Critters!

Fun acting crazy with our Critters on the Funny Farm. CLICK on the Title for Photos! See the Cat in the Box, Kitty the Junkyard Dog, & two new little nutcases that fit right in! amazon cloud . Hebrew to English

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Aug 62009Everything Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect to Be Perfect!!

Howdy Junkeroos! Working non-stop finding your Treasure & Finally, A Web Page!! I hope you see something you enjoy here. My inventory is huge,  let me know what you want or need! Click on title to see MORE! I promise to have more “guy type” stuff on here, it tends to sell fast! colors . […]

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Jul 282009on the Funny Farm!

Kitty  the Dog falls in Love with Kermit the Frog!! Click On Title to see MORE! From the photos, you can see the first glance to the french kiss. Ahhh, true Love! back link check site database . check broken links . teetertv

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