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How I became JunkerVal!

My Dad took me to my first Flea Market, I was about 7 years old. My first True Love took me to my first Antique store when I was 19. I always loved fleas, junk & antiques but was easily intimidated by folks who were dealers ( who made a living at it). They knew everything!! haha!

Sadly & horrifically, I began re-selling by having garage sales when I became divorced. My employer went belly-up, life was rough & I had NO self confidence. Although, I found another job right away with the Texas Employment Commission (now TWC) It paid much less than my previous ‘account executive’ job so I started selling at the flea market.

This was 1990, I worked for a division that did NOT handle unemployment benefits, we trained folks on how to write a resume, interview effectively, etc.( While I  always told our clients, they could start their own business….. I didn’t believe in myself.)

The program was grant funded & when the money ran out, they transferred me to a Benefits office.….one day, a friend (who transferred with me) left for her new great job…I started sobbing miserably in my little cubicle, I didn’t even like her that much (haha)…I was a single mom, they didn’t pay crap, I was scared…I lasted 3 weeks….

Found another job helping Veterans find jobs….it was grant funded, the money ran out there too, then I collected unemployment for 6 months & started junking full time!!

ALWAYS a happy ending,  & the moral of this story……Don’t stay in a miserable job!(haha)…


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2 Responses to “How I became JunkerVal!”

Thank you for sharing your great story, it is awesome that you had the courage to do what your passion told you to. In addition thanks for putting up the information about the Antique Emporium, without it I would be lost as to what was going on! Have a great day!

Thank you! Hope we all get together soon!