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about 6 years ago, there was trouble here and I was afraid. I had been tested for chronic severe asthma & told I was highly allergic to dogs. But I wanted & needed a barking dog to alert me if anyone was approaching the house. I visited the Humane Society, petted one a dog & immediately broke out in red whelps. My circumstances were different then…I could not move. After another incident  the next night, I went for a long walk….longer than I had ever walked in my life.
All I thought about was how I Needed a dog. I decided to turn around, walk home and go straight back to the Humane society. I was going to get a dog. I would just wear gloves.
As I rounded one corner, a huge man stepped out from behind a large pick up truck and said,
‘do you want a dog?’.
I nodded, & he handed me this fat black puppy. I never had an allergic reaction to her….
I named her Bijou cause she had a little bit of white on her head & chest……But she would never come to that name. I did notice she would run like hell to me when I called the cats…..
Kitty, my friend, I miss you so much. I am so sorry.

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