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LION COFFEE, Antique art poster litho print advertisement, general store collectibles

Antique art poster litho print advertisement for LION COFFEE, WOOLSON SPICE COMPANY of Toledo, Ohio.

This company was in business in the late 1800’s. This is a very nice Litho poster, lion cof nov 15 with vivid coloring on heavy paper , some age and distress issues. Professionally framed in 1970s Metal Frame.

Lion Coffee – At the turn of the century, there was a brand called Lion Coffee which appeared all over the country. Lion Coffee made the claim, “Lion Coffee is not glazed, coated or otherwise treated with egg mixtures, chemical, glue etc., etc. Lion Coffee is pure coffee.”

Lion Coffee ads were one of the largest print ad campaigns of its day and dominated the newspapers from the late 1800’s until very early 1900’s. There is a Lion Coffee company today owned by Delano West Ltd, in Hawaii that purchased the rights to the earlier coffee in 1980. Price Tbalion coffee nov 15


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6 Responses to “LION COFFEE, Antique art poster litho print advertisement, general store collectibles”

Hannah Graves

Hello! Can you tell me how much this poster is? Thank you!

On sale for 100.00. Framed in the 1970s…wonderful!

Danya Scott

I would like to purchase this. It is framed? Does the $100. Cover shipping?

This is a post from last year. It is sold. Thank you

Theresa Lyon

I am interested in purchasing this Lion Coffee Advertisement. Are you selling and how much??

I am sorry. It sold. this site is being updated for quicker response. thank you