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See this Estate with Me! Click Here to See Photos!

new camera & new estate SALE!!! 008

new camera & new estate SALE!!! 011

Nodders, Purty!

new camera & new estate SALE!!! 028

Collectors’s Estate Sale, Unusual Circumstances!
VERY Full Estate!
WE need to make an appointment to see all this Great Stuff for Sale!    Fort Worth, Texas 76107 places of visit .

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5 Responses to “See this Estate with Me! Click Here to See Photos!”

What a very fun website. Lots to look at and many curiosities. See where to shop, or what has been shopped that you can buy online. How innovative. And you didn’t leave our cherished pets out either. I am very impressed and will visit often. Thanks for the fun!

Pam C

When do u ever rest? Unbelieveable! Must see this sale,what a clever newsletter and such fun

Pam C

what a clever newsletter. Do u ever sleep? Must see this sale

Great site Val! Hope to see you soon.

Cary Field

Hi Val- I’m the Guy that Collects Fishing Tackle & Related outdoor Items. You wanted to get my address. See Ya Cary