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Really DELIGHTED to finally tell someone who will definitely pass my gossipy word to the ol’dealer biddies who decided to ostracize me at a local mall based on rumor. None had the courage to talk to me, to hear my side. Women, I had known & conducted business with for years Quit Buying From & Speaking To me based on what one ol’fat jealous junk hag said….
~~It was A GREAT Pleasure to tell her how GReat I am doing at my shop & to say,
“THANK YOU! If they had been intelligent junkers, spoken to me & heard both sides of the story, I would have never opened my ‘own shop’.”
~~ Months ago, I shed bitter hurt tears over their snobbery ……
I told her, “I am so glad they treated me so shabbily, I am selling tons of great junk, can’t keep my shop full, meeting great Junkers, & having more FuN than ever….Oh and by the way, Please let them know if they have any furniture for sale, to give me a call, Because I WILL Buy from ‘Anyone’.”
~ what I did not tell her was…. it made me tougher than ever & even more determined.Beckett and JunkerValSept Beckett and Clementine

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