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Sad Days, the End of the Funnie Farm & Kitty the Junkyard Dog….

If you have ever loved a pet, you know how their loss can break your heart….Kitty was murdered. The Funnie Farm is for sale or lease. There is trouble here & it is getting worse. junkerval's Treasure 067Pray for me…

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6 Responses to “Sad Days, the End of the Funnie Farm & Kitty the Junkyard Dog….”

Pam Davis

Oh Val, I am so sorry for the loss of your precious pet. I know you have been having such a terrible time and now to lose your pet to murder. You just need to get out of there asap and be safe. You are in my prayers. Luv ya.


I am sooo sorry, Val. Yes, get out of there ASAP.

Marilyn Starnes

Praying for God’s protection and leading. Sorry about the loss of your dog.

Thank you, the waiting to move is horrible……this leap of faith, I feel too old & beat up for this challenge….

Thank you Judy & thank you for your offer to help me move, I need all the help I can get.

thank you Marilyn. I miss you.

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