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Saturday’s Little Steampunk Treasures, come git em! 1-4pm

I have always loved little souvenirs of life, little treasures saved & loved even if imperfect….adding all this to the sale, for the steampunk designers and for other junkeroos like me! Sat., Mar. 31st, 809 West Pipeline Rd. Hurst 76053


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4 Responses to “Saturday’s Little Steampunk Treasures, come git em! 1-4pm”

Drove by your house,what has happened?

very bad 2 years ago, sent messages 4 help your way through Don, never got any reply. Thought you forgot !

Hey there Val! If you ever have any white ironstone let me know, I collect it! ALso anything architectual salvage -ish. Thanks! Linsey

Hi Linsey! I sure will! Love your blog! Thank you!!