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What if…..as a dealer…instead of blaming someone else, you asked yourself some hard questions?

What if…..as a dealer…instead of blaming the owner or someone else, you asked yourself some hard questions?

by Valerie Arnett on Saturday, August 20, 2011 at 12:49am

If anyone copies this note and doesn’t give me credit,I will hunt you down like the mean junk yard dog I am! Yes, I bite!

~ I hear this often, “I am just not selling.”

Why Not?!!

I tell everyone who I am and what I do….I even give the kids at DQ my cards cause they collect stuff & they need to buy gifts for their girlfriends & mom!! I educate them about the good deals they can get from me instead of  going to the stupid ol’regular mall.

*I have been told I am too serious about this junkin business….NObody is going to beat a path to my junk pile unless I give them a dang reason! Nope I am not rich. No I don’t have all the answers…. But I know the answers to the following questions….(AND If I were rich, I would still be in the junk biz!)

****Be the courageous junker I know you are and Ask yourself the following questions....

*Do you have business cards so people can remember you? when they want to buy something or sell something?…..

*Do you promote by word of mouth (casual conversation), or on facebook or emails or ANYWHERE to ANYONE about your cool stuff for sale, about the mall & the tearoom?

Do you have the right merchandise with right prices for the part/demographics of the city state country you live ?

Are you learning about the prices & items you carry?

Do you move your items around in the booth, also bringing in new items often?

Do you bring in DIFFERENT stuff from the other dealers??!!

Do you have variety of items, not just the same things all the time.

Are you friendly? but not overbearing?

Do you invite your friends/family/ANYONE you meet to come to the mall & see your stuff, eat in the tearoom?

Do you promote yourself? Do you introduce yourself to other dealers? Are you proud of what you are doing?

Do you expect someone to do it for you & like magic with out much effort on your part, expect to sell it?

Do you advertise anywhere with photos of your cool stuff for sale?

….when I am not selling, it is my fault. It is absolutely my fault. If there are people coming into to the mall, if there is an owner who cares, who advertises and understands that all dealers are his customers and wants each dealer to succeed… ….then its my fault. **I will bet you a hundred dollars of my stuff in one of my booths that IF you promote yourself, the whole mall/tearoom , & the other dealers too, you will more than double your sales  in 3 months or LESS…..

~Word of mouth is still the best advertising even if you are typing the words on a computer.

~The world owes you a living or some extra income, but you are going to have to work hard for it…. 

come on,Take me up on my bet/offer…. or delete me as a friend please ….cause I  really do NOT want to hear you complain anymore when you won’t do the work…its no ones fault but your own…

PS. a little note to my teachers, writers & editor buddies, this is plain talk ….I do not really care about grammatical errors , please get over it & just get my message…oh & do you collect anything or have any old junk you want to sell??


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