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Woo whee!! Great Leather Furniture, Gorgeous Desk, Oak file Cabinet, click!

I just bought out a Lawyers Office furniture, GREAT Stuff!! 3 Wing chairs, 2 gorgeous leather! 6 side Leather chairs-Handsome! a beautiful claw & ballĀ  Victorian style desk (its not too big either!) and an Oak file 4 drawer file cabinet!! and at another great place, a little EastLake /Victorian Settee!! Yippee!! Come see it all this weekend at JunkerVAL’s Antiques, Vintage Junk & Jewelry, 3458 Bluebonnet Circle, Ft. Worth, 76109, FRIDAY & SAturday, 10am-7pm & SUNDAY, 1-5pm with Wine & Snacks!! 20-30% Off ALL Furniture, 50% off Smalls! Photos SOON!

(OS, Need those showcases & your talk!!)

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